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Bench Ad covers many key markets throughout California. We own more than 18,000 benches in California markets. Our markets are bigger and more economically powerful that any other markets. From Sunny San Diego to L.A., Oakland to Sacramento – our markets are bustling with customers.

Dependence on the automobile and a favorable climate provide residents with year-round outdoor recreational opportunities and greatly increases consumer exposure to outdoor advertising. Since 1970, the number of cars on the road has increased 150%.

Part of our strategy is in knowing the facts:

FA C T 1
California is the 3rd largest economic region on EARTH. 34,000,000++ residents.

FA C T 2
A number of the communities in California are not well served with outdoor bulletins and posters. Many predominantly residential areas have no posters and bulletins while
our transit benches are abundant.

FA C T 3
9,000 New plastic benches in SoCal by 2002.
The development of the new, modern, functional transit
bench has gained wide community acceptance.

FA C T 4
The benches and advertising message can be precisely
clustered to pinpoint specific lifestyles, ethnicity's and
product distribution patterns.

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